The general options tab is the first one that we found when we opened the configuration tool, this looks like:


Enable Whathdog:

It is enabled so that in case of error the system reset, forcing Arduino to work again, very useful for novice programmers or electric noise in the install.
You may need to update the firmware for the watchdog to work fine.

Info.  enable whathdog.

Info. update bootloader for whathdog compatibility.


Automatic time change:

It is enabled to automatically changes to summer / winter time in Europe, if your region is different you have to adapt the code.

Enables Pull-up resistors.

It is enabled to avoid erroneous readings of inputs, if you use plc or card of digital inputs of ExControl this option must be deactivated,The best way is use professional input and disabled this option.

You can manually combine the use of pull up or not for your input pins, for this you need to program additional code.

If use pull up resistor  keep in mind that the cable distance should only be a few centimeters and be completely away from any source of electromagnetic noise.

Enabling the use of pull-up resistors is also more than recommended in laboratory tests, when a digital input card is not yet available.

Enable debug mode:

It is enabled to view the serial port of the IDE (Arduino programmer) you can see the actions of the board.
Ideal for testing and fault finding, it gives a lot of information during start-up processes, but the ideal is to cancel this function for continuous use, as it also implies a loss of speed in the system.

Relay output type.

Relay cards are activated when:
High: active when output pin have 5v.
Low: active when output pin have 0v.

Type of Digital Inputs:

We can choose if our arduino detects a logical level HIGH or LOW as input activated, with the ExControl input card  or pull up resistor has to select LOW, with other compatible automata, this situation will change.

Enable SD card:

Only compatible with arduino mega or higher,If is  enabled saves in SD information for historical graphs.
The SD card slot is in the Ehternet shield or wifi shield, so no additional hardware is required.

It is possible to select the time between the saving data between 15, 30 and 60 minutes ..