The circuits tab  has the following appearance.




We can program up to 30 circuits per arduino, all configurable by scenes, schedules ….

To add a new circuit press the  add button, this is  located in the upper left (relay with sign +).

To change the type of a circuit we will press the button with the icon representing the circuit type.

To delete a circuit press the trash button, located to the right of it with blue color.

To edit specific configuration about a circuit (outputs, probes addresses) press the configuration, this is located at right of control.

When we add a new circuit or change its type (by pressing the icon) the following dialog box appears.




In the list all the available circuits, separated by categories, the categories are:

  • Lighting (Illumination) only  circuits for illumination More Info.
  •  Sensors are circuits that are associated with some type of sensor to set up commands or other situations (Thermostats, setpoints ). More Info.
  • Irrigation, specific circuits for irrigation  system, More Info.
  • Tigger Sensors , These circuits are associated with others in the Sensors tab, their function is control the relays associated with the different setpoints, eg the relay that controls the heating associated with a setpoint circuit.
  •  Fan, These are circuits associated with fans, extractors ….
  • Others circuits that do not correspond to any of the mentioned  categories .


To select the type of circuit we just press the icon of the circuit.

In the bottom part of the dialog box, next to the accept button we find another one, this is to define the circuit in reserve mode.

This is a special type, by default it is not displayed in the app, but it exists,is used when it is foreseen the installation of a new circuit in the future that requires that position in the list of circuits.