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Instalación profesional arduino, arduino plc wifi

Es muy común cuando se inicia en el mundo de arduino entusiasmase y pensar que se puede acometer cualquier tipo de proyecto en poco tiempo y con muy poco dinero… y esto es una verdad a medias. La realidad es que arduino es un microcontrolador al «aire» sin protecciones y muy sensible a los ruidos […]

Donwload Arduino home automation library

  rc-switch: operate remote radio controlled devices. This will most likely work with all popular low cost power outlet sockets. If yours doesn’t work, you might need to adjust the pulse length.All you need is a Arduino or Raspberry Pi, a 315/433MHz AM transmitter and one or more devices with one of the supported chipsets: […]

Arduino domotics course, special functions.

Special functions are user-programmed code blocks. These can be programmed by timetable, triggers and activated from the app or web app directly. When activated, all the code programmed is executed. In this example we will turn off a series of control circuits for an RGB with only a special function. All this video is applicable […]

Course of Arduino home automation, using conditioned.

Course of Arduino home automation, using conditioned. conditioned is Boolean array, support two values true or false (enabled or disabled) These can be activated and deactivated from the software, by timetable or code. They are a simple way to activate or deactivate behavior programmed by the user. In the following video you can see how […]

Arduino home automation course, Using scenes.

The scenes allow to create environments. This is a preconfigured group of  circuits states. For example, turn off all lights, turn on all  lights, lower all blinds. The scenes can be activated directly from the control software, by using schedules and by code too. In the following video you can see how to use scenes. […]

Arduino home automation course, Add new device connection.

In the previous entry of our home automation course with arduino we saw how to install software and make the first connection with arduino compatible equipment. In this new entry we will see how to make a new connection, with a second arduino comatible , although we recommend our professional hardware for domotica with arduino. […]

Configure arduino home automation system in just six minutes.

Course for arduino home automation ,  Installation and configuration in just five minutes. With the ExControl software you can generate impressive automation projects with arduino in a very short time. In this first entry of the course for home automation with arduino we will perform the configuration from scratch to control a domotic control system […]

Methods and main functions of home automation system

The automation system have a powerful tool for customize your project. This is the edit code tool, see image below,using this tool you can customize the code, add your library and personal code for yours need.       The methods and main functions of home automation system with arduino are. UserSetup void () {} […]