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Digital Output Tab

This is the configuration tab of the digital outputs in configuration tool.   Departures   The digital outputs are normally connected to the relay board and assigned a pin number which must be attached to the board. Just like the digital inputs the pin and name can be modified by clicking on it, and we […]

marzo 30, 2017 English, Home automation

Network Tab

This data allow conection between arduino and app, for each arduino with network card we need to configure the following data. Ethernet shield type. It defines the network card installed in our arduino, compatible with network cards based on the w5100 chip (wired network card) and official arduino wifi shield. IP adress. This is a […]

marzo 30, 2017 English, Home automation

General Tab

The general options tab is the first one that we found when we opened the configuration tool, this looks like:   Enable Whathdog: It is enabled so that in case of error the system reset, forcing Arduino to work again, very useful for novice programmers or electric noise in the install. You may need to […]

marzo 30, 2017 English, Home automation

The Circuit object and array circuits in arduino home automation

Let’s start with the basics, in our program we will have one circuit object per each physical circuit installed, which can be a shutter, a lighting circuit, any circuit type. When we interact with our program, we can read and write that circuit information, values such as circuit status, type, output value, all information about […]

Methods and main functions of home automation system

The automation system have a powerful tool for customize your project. This is the edit code tool, see image below,using this tool you can customize the code, add your library and personal code for yours need.       The methods and main functions of home automation system with arduino are. UserSetup void () {} […]

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