Download windows tool for create arduino automation system.

We have a simple windows tool to make arduino programs, you can configure circuits, inputs, outpus and the software  generate all your code.

The  program code  can also be edited manually, the software have a edit code tool for add your arduino code to your project.


software configurador automatizacion con arduino



Downoad Android Software free.

This version is fully functional, allows external connection through 3g using the external connection service of ExControl, for only 17$ allow you remote acces and notification push.


Dowload Android Software Pro.

This version allows you to connect with Dydns services, noip, with fixed ip.


menu principal aplicación android de domotica y automatización con arduino.



graficos android app arduino

Sistemas de gráficos


monitorizacion alarmas app android arduino automatización

Monitirizacion de alarmas



domotica y automatización android arduino

Estado de circuitos



multiples disposiivos android y arduino domotica automatización

Control múltiples dispositivos

Download notification app.


With this app and excontrol 3g service you can receive push notification in you mobile.
domotica arduino v2