Industrial PLC WITH Arduino Mkr

ExControl Arduino MKR Shield

The Arduino MKR Shield is an industry ready, freely programmable PLC.It’s used arduino mkr tecnology to create conected object.

It can virtually serve any controlling, automation and data-logging purpose for you. you can combine this shield with all arduino mkr family (mkr1000, mkr gsm 1400, mkr fox 1200, mkr wan 1300).


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Industrial I2C IO expander

Industrial isolated digital input and output (8 each).

This board as an isolation input expander for I2C bus. It is designed to compatible with 3.3VV microcontrollers.

The device is easily compatible with arduino Mkr shield using ExControl software.

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I2C Extender board, up to 30m

This board is I2C Extender, lets you retain all the features of the standard I2C-bus while easily extending its communication distance up to 30m or 3000 pF.

The device is easily compatible with arduino Mkr shield and I2C IO Extender.

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