Industrial Arduino mkr

Industrial i2c Analog Input


Expansion of 4 analog inputs by i2c with very high resolution (12 bit), includes industrial protection level in all inputs for . 2 modes aviables, 0-10v, 0-20mA .


The best solution for process automation, expanding your system with 8 analog inputs.

Industrial Extension I2C IO delivers 8 robust analog inputs to run smoothly in harsh environments.



  • 12v power supply.dc.
  • 3 Available modes, 0-10v, 4-20mA.
  • analog inputs industrial protection level
  • I2c bus with robust connection to terminals.
  • Up to 4 devices addressed with jumper.


IoT Compatibility

This device support a strict 5V I2C Bus standard for general purpose I2C device compatible with all computing platforms and IoT technologies,


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